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One Life - Well Lived
A Photo Essay of Willem Lombard
By Peter Levey






 Shortly after Willem Lombard passed away, I put together a photobook with many wonderful photo memories of his life, relationships, and interactions with family. I used the online services of, and you can see a complete page by page preview of how it portrays his life by clicking on the book cover above. If you like it, you can order it directly from Blurb's website. It is 13" x 11" and in full colour.The price is just what they charge to print and bind a single copy.

 I made it for Phyllis and gave it to her last December. Since then, a few family members asked me if they could see it and perhaps get it for themselves. So, in case you are interested, Blurb allow you to page through every single page to see exactly what it contains. It also contains every tribute that was read out at the memorial service and the book pays tribute to a man who was simultaneously a great dad, husband, and friend .



This shot was taken August 2009 after a wonderful couple of dives on the exotic diving paradise called Sipadan - an oceanic island off the east coast of Northern Borneo in Malaysia.  I was with Janine, Ed and Joy Booth from South Africa, and 17 other divers on a dive tour organized by Mickey Louw. This has got to be one of the most wonderful dive spots anywhere on the planet. Click HERE for some photos, and HERE for a few underwater video clips


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