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Introduction to Digital Cameras

TIME: 2 hours.

PRICE: $35 (limited time offer; normally $50)


The Introduction to Digital Cameras course covers an understanding of the key settings that owners of all digital cameras need to understand and use in order to get the most out of them - with a specific emphasis on the Shooting modes, the use of ISO, White Balance, flash use, low light situations, and a strategy based on the acronym "EAT" - Evaluate, Adjust, Test. These settings create the wonderful photographic effects that add the “wow” factor to photos.


Despite the increasing level of sophistication of modern day SLR, mini-SLR, and compact cameras, there are still just a limited number of features that need to be understood and used in all camera types in order to achieve high quality, creative results. All you need on this two-hour course is your camera with a fully charged battery.


Working With Digital Photos

TIME: 12 hours (4 x 3-hr classes over 4 days).

PRICE: $295 + GST
(promotional offer; normal price $345)


Module 1: In the 1st of the 4 modules, students focus on all aspects of the use and understanding of the digital camera beyond those features covered in the Intro course. The emphasis is on hands-on work, as well as extended study of important menu items, camera buttons and features, and picture-taking procedures. Students only need their cameras with batteries charged.


Module 2: Feedback on camera techniques and photo evaluation, focusing on the homework assignment that was set at the end of Module 1. Students bring those photos and we evaluate the "bad" pictures in a session entitled: "10 most common digital camera mistakes". Then we look at the digital workflow, including: photo importing, picture organization and folder /album structures, backup, photo evaluation, photo enhancement, and finally, use of photos in many different formats. Towards the end of the class, we look at the Digital Recipe - a 5 step process we apply to photos during the enhancement process.


Module 3:  Students bring 6 unedited photos to class - (the hands-on project component of the course). During module 3, students will be exposed to all of the wonderful Touch-Up tools (found in Photoshop / Photoshop Elements / Lightroom), and will learn how to make enhancements to their photos. Students may bring their own computers / laptops instead of using school equipment.


Module 4:  Students bring back the 6 completed photos that they took home with them after module 3. I spend time checking on the improvements that students made at home, and we fix any errors before they are printed. Module 4 focuses on the output aspects such as: printing, creating slide shows, making books (through use of online vendors like, configuring photos for use in email and on photo websites. Students are also introduced to the concept of LAYERS and flowing from that, important techniques of photo compositing that can be achieved through use of this Layers feature (for Photoshop users). Time is also spent discussing aspects that affect printing of photos, as well as actually printing out the 6 photos students have been working on.


Digital SLR Techniques

TIME: 6 hours (2x3hr modules a week apart).

PRICE: $150 + GST


This course is appropriate for users of SLR cameras, as well as the newer "mini" SLR cameras, also known as Micro Four Thirds cameras. The first module of the Digital SLR Techniques course focuses on the "BIG SIX" settings that are primarily responsible for the ability of a user to control and determine creative results in their photography.


Students will learn about the importance of Image settings; the choices on the Mode Dial, and what results can be expected when using them intelligently; the huge advantage of using ISO in a sensible fashion; the best way of using White Balance to regulate colour issues in photos; adjusting Metering modes to arrive at more accurate exposure results when shooting in difficult environments; and finally, the power of using the Exposure Compensation setting to help avoid under or over exposure in challenging environments.


Lightroom Standard

TIME: 6 hrs (2x3hr modules over 2 days)

PRICE: $150 + GST


This course is appropriate for owners of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and covers the understanding and usage of this powerful photo enhancement program. Users will be taken on a journey through the 5 modules that make up Lightroom, namely: the LIBRARY, the DEVELOPMENT module, the SLIDESHOW, the PRINT and the WEB modules.


This program is not actually a replacement program for Adobe Photoshop / Photoshop Elements, but rather it is a complementary program that has additional strengths that Photoshop does not have. In particular it is an amazingly powerful program for those who need to work on large numbers of photographs, and do not wish to repeat the same kind of adjustments and enhancements picture by picture. Lightroom allows users to mass-apply fixes to an entire folder of pictures without having to work on each photo one at a time.


It also has the most incredible ability to work on RAW files, AND to reduce digital noise in a way no other program has ever done before. For that reason alone, many people use it to turn old noisy images into radically improved clean, good looking photographs. Lightroom also has many other additional strengths include automatic backup 30 times per second, automatic creation of web based slide shows, never modifying your original photos among others.


Photoshop Elements Advanced

TIME: 12 hours (4x3hr modules over 4 days).

PRICE: $345 + GST


This course is for those who are using Photoshop Elements as their primary photo editing tool, and who already have a basic working knowledge of the program (such as would have been gained by having done the Working With Digital Photos course OR with existing knowledge of how to use the Levels, Hue and Saturation, Sharpening and touch-up brushes such as the clone, dodge, burn, sponge and airbrush tools).


These classes are always smaller with between 1 and 3 people so that more time can be spent individually helping students with specific areas of interest. On this course, students will get much more deeply into advanced techniques such as:

  • Selecting parts of an image using lasso tools, magic wand, colour selection techniques,
  • In-depth understanding and use of layers to create composite images.
  • Using Filters and the Filter Gallery to apply effects to photos.
  • Using the Palettes such as the Effects palette to dramatically improve on photos.
  • Enhanced Layer techniques to create popular, widely used photo framing effects.
  • Manipulating colour and colour effects and adding vignetting effects.
  • Creating stunning black and white photos from original colour photos.


iPhone Photography

TIME: 3 hours (one 3 hour module).

PRICE: $75 + GST


This course is designed to teach how to use the amazing camera and video found in Apple iPhones (either the 6, 6s or 7 - both regular and Plus sizes). You will learn:

* which camera app/s you should be using for your iPhone photography,
* how to use RAW to save better quality photos,
* how to control the ISO, White balance, Exposure comp, Shutter speed and more

* how to shoot slo-motion, timelapse, 4K or HD video.

* how to shoot using the timer and a tripod

* Use of a handheld gimbal for silky smooth video

* how to avoid digital noise in your phone camera photos.

* how to control the exposure and the focus when shooting photos or videos

* in addition, come and get answers to any questions you have.


This course will show you how to use one of the most incredible phone cameras available today. Simply bring your fully charged camera and we will provide you with a set of notes to refresh your memory when you get home.

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